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Save Our Strays……….. is a soon to complete 10 years old organization, which was formed by normal citizens. It was spearheaded by Shirley Advani (Menon) way back in November, 2003 when she moved to Andheri (west) from Bandra. The appalling condition of animals is this area gave her nightmares and the only way to get peace of mind was to changes these conditions. Every day she would step out to the sight of a dead dog or cat and no help or relief for these animals. She really had only two options, to ignore it or do something about it, and she choose the latter. Initially she was alone and realized the first thing to do was start sterilizing dogs/cats to control the population, and subsequent injuries, cruelty etc. That's when she spoke to Fizzah Shah from IDA and the process started. The ambulance would come twice a month and pick up a batch of dogs for sterilization. By the end of 2004, with doing 20 dogs a month she had managed to get 125 dogs sterilized in that area. Likeminded citizens joined in, and SAVE OUR STRAYS was registered in June 2004. In February 2005 we got our first ambulance (courtesy Brinda Upadhayay) and moved from strength to strength.


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I come from a animal loving middle class family, with a background in the service industry, but quit my full time job to dedicate more time to SOS. My aim in life is to see animals and humans living in harmony the world over. I believe that most people may not be able to change the world, but I know for a fact that each one of us can make a difference in our lifetime.

email: shirley.menon@gmail.com




A housewife who lives with her family, 1 cats and 2 dogs. She has a magical touch with animals and strangely she talks to them in Konkani which is her mother tongue and they all understand.




A housewife who lives with her husband and keeps herself busy with spiritualism and social work. She has two children who are well settled in the USA.




A housewife who lives with her husband and has a large extended family of strays under her building who she has been diligently caring for over the years. Her two daughters are married and well settled.




She cannot remember ever having lived without animals. Her childhood home was a zoo with hens, ducks, goats, cows, and of course scores of dogs and cats. There were also wild creatures like snakes, mongoose, fox and peacocks. As an adult in Mumbai, the city showed her a world where stray animals needed every ounce of wit and sinew to survive. She moved to Bangalore in 2006, where she writes about animals for children and hope’s to do a book on wildlife rescues.




A librarian by background who lives with her animal loving husband, daughter and a dog and cat. Compassionate to the core and cares for the animals regularly around her home and workplace.




Has a business background and lives with her husband,son and tipsy their pet who is the apple of all of their eyes. She has been extremely instrumental in streamlining the operations at SOS and giving it a more concrete framework.




"The mother of all animals" is what she is called by all who know her. Lives with her husband, two lovely children who are all compassion and dedication personified. They also have 4 lovely dogs which complete this animal loving family.




Wishfully resigned herself to an unequivocal commitment, best explained by Robert L. Frost: The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep " This is Inara in a nutshell for you dedicated to looking after strays, abused and abandoned dogs covering her specifically huge locality and vicinity. She moved to USA in 2008, is a home maker, and lives with her husband and daughter.




A chemical engineer by profession and running his family business has been an ardent animal lover since childhood, but it was only through SOS that he could spread his wings far and wide in the animal work and he could get closer to the animals, fight for their rights and get medical assistance wherever needed. He lives with his family and his pet, Lisa who undoubtedly is the apple of their eye and Amit calls Lisa, his little sister.




Somehow animals in distress have a knack of coming and standing in from of her eyes waiting to be helped and rescued. She is amazingly emotional about what she does and passionately goes about doing her work. She sterilizes, vaccinates, feeds, rescues, fosters and provides first aid to strays in distress in her locality.