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Save Our Strays has initiated the Bathe a Dog Project to provide on-the-spot relief to dogs suffering from mange and skin infection.

What is Mange?

Sarcoptic Mange, also known as Canine Scabies is a highly contagious infestation and the animal needs to be isolated from other animals. It is transferable to humans too and one needs to wash hands with disinfectant after handling the animal. Sarcoptic Mange is curable and the animal needs to undergo a lengthy treatment which includes oral medication and regular medicated baths to combat the infection. Demodectic mange also known as demodic Demodectic mange also known as demodicosis or red mange, is generally caused if the animal's immune system is compromised due to poor diet and/or illness. It is not contagious to humans and/or other animals. When the puppy is 3 months plus he is vaccinated for Rabies either during the Annual Rabies Drive or individually.

What are the symtoms?

Hairloss, itching, redness, scabbing and sores.


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