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Save Our Strays has been relentlessly working for the welfare of stray and ownerless animals since November 2003. Going forward, SOS looks forward to your support and thanks you in advance for your generous donation.

Shirley Advani



• Sterilising 1 dog/ cat - Rs. 650/-

• Vaccinating 1 dog/ cat - Rs. 250/-

• Support an old/handicapped animal - Rs. 500/- PM

• Sponsor our weekly First Aid Drive - Rs. 1500/-

• Petrol for the ambulance - Rs. 4500/- PM

• Ambulance driver 's salary - Rs. 5000/- PM

Donate in Kind

Items like rice, biscuits, milk powder, meat products,animal vaccines and medicines.

Your pets old leashes/baskets etc.

General Sponsorship

We accept donations apart from the above mentioned schemes too and be rest assured that it will be utilized judiciously by us for the cause of animal welfare.