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SOS started this programme in July 2009 primarily to prop up dogs/cats who needed that extra care/nutrition for recovery from some of the life threatening condition that they were in. The isolation dogs are the ones which suffer from gastro, distemper, and other such deadly diseases, who with proper care/nutrition stand a good chance of survival. were very bleak. We initially started with these dogs(about 4-5 every day), so that even if this healthy food may not help them recover completely, at least it can make the last few moments of their life a bit more liveable.

This programme was brilliantly put together by our volunteer, Amit Gajaria who involved other volunteers as well in this and let them also have this privilege of feeding dogs who are recuperating there. He contacted all the volunteers he met during his work with strays over the past 3 years and the response was amazing. Every volunteer was allotted one day of the week and that's how we started feeding on an everyday basis about 20 dogs. Then, there was no looking back, the word spread and donations started pouring in, from 20, we went to 30 and today we feed around 60 dogs who are suffering from various ailments from maggot wounds, to fractures , jaundice, skin infections, all days of every month. The best part was that the dogs were out of the hospital once they were alright; hence no dog was dependant on us for food later.