Sponsor an Animal

Over the years, the Save Our Strays ambulance has rescued many blind, handicapped and old cats and dogs from the streets of Mumbai. Most of them could not be released back on the streets for fear of being run over or being killed. This led to the "Sponsor An Animal" Project, which is our biggest commitment at SOS, and the one closest to our heart. We love our lesser privileged ones and strive to keep them safe and happy for the rest of their lives.

Cost of sponsoring the Food/ Lodging/ Medical Expenses of 1 Animal:

  • 1 Month - Rs. 2,500/-

  • 3 Months - Rs. 7,500/-

  • 6 Months - Rs. 15,000/-

  • 12 Months - Rs. 30,000/-


Save Our Strays has been relentlessly working for the welfare of stray and ownerless animals since November 2003. Going forward, SOS looks forward to your support and thanks you in advance for your generous donation.

Donations in Kind:

  • Rabies and Distemper Vaccines

  • Medicines - Antibiotics, Ointments and Sprays for Veterinary Use

  • Food items - Dog food, Cat food, Rice, etc.


  • Indian Account Holders
    Save Our Strays
    Account Number: 50100226815220
    HDFC Bank, Khar Gabanna Branch, Khar West, Mumbai, India
    IFSC Code: HDFC0000490
    Savings (TRUST) Account

  • Foreign Account Holders
    Save Our Strays
    FCRA Registered Number: 083781509
    SBI Account Number: 40095167857
    (Current Account)
    State Bank of India , New Delhi Main Branch, India
    IFSC Code: SBIN0000691

  • You can PAYTM/GPAY us on
    Contact No. 9820141310

  • Email us the transaction details on saveourstraysmum@gmail.com or Whatsapp us on +91-9820141310 / +91-9821327618. We shall send you the receipt accordingly.