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Commitment and love for animals are the two most common qualities that is observed in every single volunteer at SOS. Most of them have full time jobs with regular families and still dedicate some time on a daily/weekly basis to help animals in need. There are number of ways in which a volunteer can help and really require no special skills or training to be a part of SOS.


You Can Help

• Be a part of the first aid team where you will be briefed in the most common injuries/ailments in animals and how they can be treated on the streets.

• Facilitating adoptions of dogs and cats by publicizing with the Press, Vets, and other animal based NGO's & Veterinary Chemist and coordinating with the potential adopters with regular follow ups after the adoption has taken place.

• Assisting in identifying dogs/cats area wise that have to be sterilized and enlisting the support of residents/shopkeepers in the area for after care.

• You can also assit save our strays by collecting funds, medicines, food stuff that can be used to support and sustain our animal welfare programme.