Moti - cat

Moti, an old cat, was found run over by a speeding vehicle. He had a diaphragmatic hernia and needed a complex surgery.

He was operated upon and since he was old and had a long long healing period, he was adopted by one of our trustees.

Diego - dog

Diego was a little puppy who was found run over on a busy highway. He took a lot of time to recover as he had two broken forelimbs.

Diego was later adopted by a fantastic family.

Mikey - cat

Mikey was found run over and completely malnourished. He needed medication for many weeks. Eventually, he healed well.

Mikey got adopted and now lives with his family in Bangalore.

Donny - dog

Donny, a little four month old male puppy was run over and had to undergo an amputation surgery of one of his hind limbs as it was damaged beyond repair. He went through post operative complications too and took many many months to recover.

A New Jersey based family adopted him after he healed and today Donny is living a fantastic life in the United States of America

Bambi - dog

Bambi was rescued from Juhu. She was suffering from many health complications and needed extensive treatment and medication.

After many many months of being in foster care she was finally adopted.