Charlie - dog


Charlie, a spitz was abandoned by his family because he had cancer. We discovered this after we rescued him in August 2012. He was a very gentle dog and the only way to save him was to go for surgery and anti-cancer drugs. After 3 months of love, care and medication, he bounced back, and then came the question that who would take a senior dog.

She came in the form of beautiful Sahana who adopted him and he lived on for another 6 years before passing away in May 2018. Glad that his senior years were full of love and joy.

Joshua - dog


Joshua, a 1 year old male pom-mix was abandoned in Juhu. He took refuge in a building compound to escape the wrath of the territorial stray dogs in the neighbourhood. He was very friendly and an absolute delight. We kennelled him for a while to assess his mental and physical health. We also got him vaccinated and neutered.

We wanted to re-home Joshua with a loving family. We put out adverts on social networking sites. Prateek Shelar responded to one of our ads and went to meet Joshua. It was love at first sight for Prateek and Joshua. Today, Joshua has settled beautifully with Prateek and his mother in Mira Road.

Pepe - cat


Pepe was rescued from near death on Juhu beach, where a street-dweller was tossing him for 'fun'. He was found with his ears, nose and mouth full of sand, and queries revealed that he was separated from his mother the previous day.

The search for his mother had been unsuccessful, and he was too tiny to survive on the streets on his own, being only 6-8 weeks old. SOS immediate actions helped save Pepe.

Kitty - dog


Kitty, a very gentle Great Dane, about a year old was rescued from a resort in Vasai by a volunteer who visited the place for a weekend holiday. She was tied from the time she was a puppy and would eat and mess up the place. The resort owners never let her out for a walk, for fear that customers would be scared by her large size.

After good nutrition, some medical assistance and lots of love this gentle giant got adopted in a huge bungalow in Pune.

Felix - dog


Felix, a 2 month old puppy was involved in a road accident in Mira Road. He lay in a semi-comatose condition for many weeks and was treated by the BSPCA till he regained consciousness. Unfortunately, the accident caused a concussion on his head which made him completely blind. He was unable to see and rehabilitating him back on the streets was not an option.

He was moved to the blind ward in IDA and that is where our Founder, Mrs Shirley Menon saw him. Shirley, immediately, raised an urgent appeal to find him a home and Melanie Behram Patel entered Felix’s life. Today Felix, now renamed Lucky Behram Patel lives happily with Melanie and her family in Colaba.

Kitty - dog


Kaalu was operated for a broken bone surgery which has healed successfully. He had developed serious post - operation complications and had a renal failure.

However, after intensive post operation care, Kaalu has been successfully rehabilitated.

Jinny and Johnny - cats

Jinny & Johnny

Jinny and Johnny were found abandoned in a dustbin in a sack, with 3 more of their siblings. They were barely a week old at the time of the rescue. Only Jinny and Johnny were lucky to survive, while the others passed away.

We nurtured and kept them warm to subsitute their mother’s absence, and rehomed them 45 days later into good homes.

Scarlett - cat


Scarlett, a beautiful cat was rescued after being mauled by a pack of dogs outside joggers park in Bandra.

Scarlett has been treated and she has recovered very well and has been rehabilitated.

Milo - dog


Milo was only six months old when he was rescued. He had been hit by a BEST bus in Bandra, Mumbai. Both his hind legs and his fore leg was fractured.

With proper care and medication, Milo recovered and was rehabilitated.